April 12, 2024

Aphrodisiac Wine and Food Can Put You in a Frisky Mood! Be a Voyeur to Learn More!

A very sexy edition of Grape Encounters Radio! Learn all about the aphrodisiac some wines and food from the very exciting Amy Reiley, co-author of THE LOVE DIET COOKBOOK. Amy sizzles in this episode. Later in the show we have a very spirited debate on whether screwcaps screw up the romance of an otherwise amazing wine. Dubbed "the world's handsomest blogger," Clive Pursehouse pleads his case convincingly on this very special edition of Grape Encounters Radio!<!-- AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on wp_trim_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings below via filter on wp_trim_excerpt --><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings generic via filter on wp_trim_excerpt -->

I’m sitting in front of the TV, which I rarely do, but it’s a great night of Food Network programing and it has me in the mood to do a little blogging.  Today is the day we aired our Grape Encounters Radio show with Amy Reiley,  a leading expert on the aphrodisiac properties of certain wines and food.

It has been fun watching the website stats today on GrapeEncountersRadio.com.  People have been tuning in from all over the world to catch this episode, and though I was reluctant at first to do the show, I now think we are going to do a lot more on the subject down the road.

Men will pay $12.00  a dose for the little blue pill.  Gosh, for the cost of just a few of those pills, you can buy a very SEXY CABERNET!  According to Amy, a great big, kick-ass Cab can do wonders when it comes to heating up the passion meter.   Duh!  I’ve know that for years.  In fact, I’ve founds some cabs so enticing that they make a pretty darn good date all by themselves.  OK, well the conversation could have been better… however a great bottle of wine will speak to you in magical ways.

Back to the interview…  Amy is the co-author of the LOVE DIET COOKBOOK; a book that contains simple food and beverage recipies that promise to pump up your passion in very real ways.  If you get to know Amy’s work, you’ll quickly be convinced that there’s something to this Aphrodisiac thing.  She makes a pretty compelling case in the interview and you’ll want to give it a listen at GrapeEncountersRadio.com.  Go to the SHOWS menu and download Episode 46B.  You can also pick up a ton of tips on her website, EatSomethingSexy.com.  Oh, Amy does have a very sexy radio voice which makes the experience of  listening in a real treat.

Anyway, I felt a little bit shy about doing this interview because I’m kind of a country boy at heart who happened to wander into the world of wine.  Amy, on the other hand is a very frank and sexually liberated woman who is more likely to be heard on Playboy Radio than Grape Encounters Radio.  Nonetheless, in the end,  I was pleased that we wandered out of the safety of our winery and into some of the private places that good wines often find their way to.  The fact is, if empty wine bottles could talk, my oh my, the stories they could tell.  But a good wine knows how to put a cork in it.

Which brings us to the second  segment of Episode 46B,  where we continue our spirited debate with Clive Pursehouse of the Oregon Wine Blog about screwcap enclosures.  We think they’re a mood-killer when it comes to romance.  Clive says the wines of the NW are so good, the romance will not be hampered.   Maybe he’s right.  After all, a hot romance flick always contains that scene where the lovers can’t get to the action quickly enough.   So who has time for a corkscrew and all the ritual that goes with it?  Up in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps the motto could be, “unscrew it and get to it!”   Not bad!  Anyway, we had a great time with Clive who is described as one of the handsomest bloggers on the internet.  His picture is on GrapeEncountersRadio.com.  With looks like that, I don’t thing romantic wine rituals matter much.

I want to hear from an ugly blogger in Washington or Oregon before we put this issue to rest!  Thanks Clive and Amy for adding a lot of sex appeal to Grape Encounters Radio!

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