May 19, 2024

Episode 200 — Bunny Bordeaux and a Label-Conscious Show

Judgmental Wine Lovers Contemplate Packaging and the Playboy Lifestyle!

Oh, so very much to ponder on this week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio.  First, David gives listeners an exclusive bird’s eye view of a major wine competition and tells you what you may not know about the process of choosing medal winners…

bloxsom2Then meet the wine judge who also serves as Executive Chef at the Playboy Mansion.  William S. Bloxsom Carter talks rabbit food and Bunny Bordeaux with David.  Gadget Guru Matt Dubow shares his thoughts about being label conscious when buying wine and then we sneak into the massive wine cellar at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition to eavesdrop on a panel of judges wrangling over wine label and package design.  Great stuff!

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