April 12, 2024

Episode #366 – Is Everything Cool with your Wine Collection?

Answering that question with the help of KingsBottle Wine Refrigeration

It’s a question that David gets asked nearly everyday… “What is the best and most inexpensive way to protect my wine collection?” Now for a long while, David had an extensive—or should we say expensive—wine cellar to protect his liquid assets. But after moving to a home that did not have a cellar, it became important to find other means of protection.

After looking at all the options, wine refrigeration and storage appeared to be the best bet… efficient, economical, and incredibly reliable. David and his wife Annie run the Grape Encounters Empourium right next to the studios. Recently, the Empourium acquired amazing side-by-side 3 temperature zone units from KingsBottle, an extraordinary manufacturer and distributor of wine and beverage refrigeration and storage units.

Join David and his special guest, KingsBottle General Manager Dena Doiron During this episode, they’ll tell you everything you need to know about the care and feeding of your precious wines. From what temperature to store at to what temperature to drink at, there is really valuable information here for everyone how wants to keep a little or a lot of wine around that house!

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