May 18, 2024

Bristols Cider

Episode #421 – Cider vs Wine… Closer Relative than We Thought?

Erich Fleck, Head Cider Maker at Bristols Cider House came to the Cider business by way of the wine business. The funny thing is, Erich quickly learned that there are more similarities than differences between making cider and making wine.

CiderIf ever there was a crash course in Cider making, and its similarities to wine making, this is it. Join Erich and a former co-worker with a tremendous amount of knowledge in the beer business for a conversation that covers the gambit… Beer, wine and cider; what do they have in common and where do the similarities end.

The Bristols Cider house, founded by winemaker Neil Collins, is located just a few miles from the Grape Encounters studio. If you’re ever on the Central Coast of California visiting the Grape Encounters Empourium, make sure to ask us to point you toward one of the best Cider experiences around!

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