April 13, 2024

Episode #511 – Stop the Wine Pretentiousness!

Pure Fun Plus Some Serious Ranting!

David’s announcer Brentanamo (a winemaker himself) joins in on the conversation as David vents his disgust for all of the crazy names that wine critics love to give themselves.  You know, there’s just a whole lot of people out there calling themselves the grand guru of all things wine and that’s just the beginning. On this show, David and his announcer make a plea to wine enthusiasts to just set aside the pretentiousness and simply have a good time.

What should those of us who are enthusiastic about wine call ourselves? David and Brentanamo explore some possibilities that might just help to bring things down to earth, one of which is simply having a great time in the tasting room without getting too hung up on those sometimes-annoying tasting notes.

This edition of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine and More.

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