May 19, 2024

If it's a "Wine Happening," you'll find Allison Levine!

Episode 605 – Pleasing the Palate in Allison’s Wonderland!

David is starting to become very encouraged about where the world is headed after 12 months of 19; Covid-19 that is.  He doesn’t want to jinx things but it certainly looks like the restrictions that we’ve all had to deal with for a very long time are starting to ease.  Yes, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. At least it looks like a light, but who can be sure of anything these days?  

2020 (and at least the first quarter of 2021) will be remembered as a master’s course in “Agony.”  Thank goodness that there are those among us who manage to make lemon méringue pie out of lemons.  This week’s guest, Allison Levine, is one of those alchemists.  She’s someone that David has been wanting to get on the show for quite a while because, if there was ever a person skilled at keeping the proverbial fires burning in a metaphorical downpour, it’s Allison.  In her capacity as a wine and food event planner, writer, consultant and podcaster, Allison can make ordinary extraordinary.  Her company, “Please the Palate” has an outstanding reputation for pleasing her peeps, which ensures that it’s never a dull moment with Allison is in the house. 

Now, even though Allison has taken “shelter in place” very seriously, she’s managed to multi-process her way through 12 months of pandemic with the precision and grace of a Cirque du Soliel performance.  Yes indeed, while many continue to wait out Covid, Allison keeps the communication and content coming… virtually and vigorously.  On this week’s show, she’ll explain why adaptation is essential when your regular gig requires you to be in all four corners of the globe simultaneously. Wait!  Do globes even have corners?

Nearing her 10th anniversary as a food, wine and lifestyle marketing consultant and event planner, Allison shares tales from her travels to wine regions around the world; filling the calendar with industry events where every teaching and tasting moment must be memorable.  Without further ado, let’s spend more than a moment with the inimitable Allison Levine.

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