May 19, 2024

ENCORE: Episode #627 – Chef and Author Vanessa Seder is The Queen of Cool!

When it comes to wine, temperature matters tremendously. Serving wine at a cool temperature is a game-changer and can show off characteristics of the wine that are hidden when served at room temperature. But what about the temperature of the food itself? How does serving “cool food” impact the wine and food pairing experience? Well, these and other questions are brilliantly answered by Vanessa Seder, whose new cookbook, “Eat Cool” is already getting a lot of attention. And you’re sure to give your undivided attention to one of the years most delightful and palate-pleasing Grape Encounters conversation.

A California transplant now deeply imbedded in the Portland Maine culinary world, Vanessa has made quite a name for herself as a frequent foodie guest on national television, a food columnist, author and also as an accomplished food stylist. If you don’t fall head-over-heels in love with Vanessa during this interview, then you’re probably looking for love in all the wrong places! Vanessa’s latest book presents high flavors, bright colors and great food for hot days. There’s nothing uncool about this mouthwatering masterpiece; featuring more than 100 for exactly what you want to eat when its blazing hot outside.

Of course, in classic Grape Encounters style, the conversation takes more twists and turns than a sightseeing trip on the Amalfi Coast! You’ll never look at cool cuisine the same way again and you’ll learn plenty of tips where pairing with cool foods and serving wine at lower temperatures is concerned. OK, so toss a bottle in the freezer for turbo-chilling and pour a glass to compliment this anything-but-usual interview. Vanessa will be sipping Lambrusco. David will be enjoying a glass of Rose´Prosecco and what you put in your glass will determine just how COOL you are!

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