June 16, 2024

Episode #663 – Allison Jordan is the Queen of Wine Sustainability and Guide to April Celebrations!

She’s a Grape Encounters fave for good reason. Allison Jordan is the Queen of grape sustainability. Allison Jordan of the Wine Institute is easily one of most pleasant and entertaining wine experts in the country. But beyond that, she also is able to break down the subject of sustainability as it pertains to the gigantic California wine industry, in a fascinating and understandable way without dumbing things down.

As is the case with any of her appearances on Grape Encounters, David never misses the opportunity to tease Allison about her job title; claiming he’s never heard a longer one in his life. The title is “Executive Director of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance and Vice President, Environmental Affairs for Wine Institute.” Of course, Allison’s title is well-deserved because she wears a lot of hats at the same time… doing multiple jobs that, even individually, would be a challenge for any one person to do. Nonetheless, it’s pretty safe to say that sustainability in the California wine industry is as far along as it is because Allison Jordan is who she is; a remarkable leader with vision and drive that has enabled California winemakers and grape growers to reach a statewide level of sustainability that most would’ve deemed unthinkable just a few years ago.

As for consumers, it’s all good news in April because this is the month we celebrate sustainability in the Golden State, and there are so many things to do that it would literally take you a full year to enjoy all of the events on the schedule. During the second half of the show, Allison will give you a complete rundown of who is doing what, when and where during this month-long celebration so grab a pen and paper or your digital calendar and plan on being a big part of the fun!

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