June 16, 2024

Episode #679 – Greg Graziano, The Godfather of US-Grown Italian Vino, Will Make You Wines You Can’t Refuse

In this episode of Grape Encounters, we are joined by renowned California winemaker Greg Graziano. Greg is famous for producing world-class Italian varietals in the idyllic Mendocino County wine region and has been doing it for over 40 years. In this episode, we discuss the history of Graziano wines, cult wines, Italian varietals, and Greg’s thoughts on so-called “hipster wines.” We’ll also explore the five brands that make up the Graziano Family of Wines. It’s a delightful hour of no-holds-barred wine conversation.

If you’re a fan of Italian wines, then this episode of Grape Encounters is definitely for you. Greg Graziano is a genuine winemaking original and was the first to plant Montepulciano grapes in America. He remains one of the most respected and innovative winemakers in the business. He is also one of the most prolific. He has been known to produce nearly 40 different varietals for some years. Now that’s what you call a glutton for punishment!

On the show, you’ll also learn about the highly-coveted “Coro” wine concept, conceived by Greg and a few friends looking to create high-quality wines using only Mendocino County fruit. All of their wines are blends, but they focus on specific varietals to craft the best possible wine. Using appellations in their labels, they ensure that 85% of the wine inside the bottle is from Mendocino County. This makes their wine unique and helps to support local agriculture.

It’s hard to imagine which you will love more, Greg or his wines! We’ll probably have to call it a tossup… Unless you’re drinking Graziano wines with Greg, That’s the most incredible treat of all!

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