September 28, 2023

Episode #737 – Aging Grapefully! Exploring the Resilience of Ancient Varietals, Featuring Native9’s Wes Hagen

You are cordially invited to join us on a profound oenological journey as Grape Encounters Radio presents an encore episode that delves into the captivating realm of ancient grape varietals. Leading this very special exploration of wine history is the erudite and wildly charismatic Wes Hagen, Brand Ambassador of Native9 Wines, an illustrious name in the annals of West Coast winemaking.

Within the world of viticulture, there exists an intriguing narrative: the tenacity and resilience of grape varietals that have thrived for millennia. Picture this: some of the wines you enjoy today originate from grapes that have not merely survived but thrived through cataclysmic world events—wars, climatic upheavals, cosmic collisions, and even the disco era!

As the custodian of this captivating discussion, Wes Hagen, a history virtuoso and wine sage, is your guide through this vinous odyssey. But why does the tale of ancient grape varietals resonate so profoundly? Enter Native9 Wines, a historic winemaking lineage that finds its origins in 1781, when Josef Ontiveros journeyed from Mexico to Alta California, setting the stage for an enduring legacy. Presently, James Ontiveros, the ninth generation of the Ontiveros family, continues to steward the same valley that has borne witness to generations of winemaking. Their wines encapsulate not just the essence of grapes but also the resilience of truth, the people, and the very earth itself. Crafting wines as intricate as their storied past is their ultimate goal.

In the reprise of an extremely well-received episode that originally aired in late spring, David and Wes plunge deep into the intricacies of grape varietals and their temporal narratives, transcending the typical discourse on cellar aging. Together, they explore the evolution of grape varieties, uncovering the factors that determine a varietal’s capacity for longevity.

Wes Hagen’s presence guarantees an animated, effervescent, and contemplative dialogue. These longstanding friends and colleagues engage offer up invaluable tips and insights that will enrich the understanding of wine enthusiasts at all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a casual wine aficionado eager to expand your horizons, this episode of Grape Encounters promises a feast for the intellect.

Tune in to unveil the enigmatic stories of ancient grape varietals that have endured through the eons. Witness the world of wine through the discerning eyes of a true luminary in the industry, and let Wes Hagen and David nurture your wine knowledge.

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