May 19, 2024

Episode #772 – Connecting the Dots: Wine E-Commerce Savant Jessica Kogan Poised to Amaze Us Again!

Although most people might not give it a second thought, there can be no doubt that we are living in an era of human exceptionalism unparalleled in history. In nearly every field imaginable—science, technology, the arts, business, medicine, you name it—humans are achieving what was once thought inconceivable. Consider space exploration: Nearly every month, new spacecraft are launched on potentially decades-long missions with little or no fear of failure. Rocket launches have become so routine that they seldom make headlines. Yet, the satellites these rockets deploy are crucial to our global connectivity, enabling us to interact with the world in previously unimaginable ways.

This connectivity means that when a political figure or celebrity posts a cryptic message at 8 PM, it can go viral by 8:05 PM and become the lead story on the 11 PM news. And this simply wouldn’t be possible without the determination of the people behind these projects. Determined people like Taylor Swift, a seemingly ordinary girl-next-door, who breaks down boundaries and sets new records practically every week. It’s not magic, but it is certainly the result of making a determined effort to understand the full potential of how new tools and technology might be used in ways that even their developers hadn’t fully considered.  As a result, Taylor has been able to conceptualize and execute a concert tour that significantly boosts the economy of every city she visits. At barely 30 years old, Swift marries her song and dance talents with technology to generate billions in economic impact. Her ability to connect with audiences in more vastly intimate ways is surprisingly similar to what is occurring in the world of space exploration, where the celestially-curious can literally climb aboard any number of spacecrafts on deep space exploration missions and enjoy a front row experience that is nothing short of life changing.

Of course, while we love discussing space exploration and Taylor Swift, this is, after all, a wine show. So, you might be wondering, “What does all this have to do with wine?” Well, you’re about to see the connection, as we introduce someone we believe could be called “The Taylor Swift of Wine.” She made an unforgettable impression on us as a guest last year.  In fact, host David Wilson described it as one of the most enlightening and enjoyable episodes of all time.

We’ve often discussed the disconnect among wine producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers on this show. Wine is incredibly complex, with an overwhelming array of flavors produced worldwide. Unlike the limited selections available to previous generations, there are now tens of thousands of wines in the US alone, which can be frustrating for consumers trying to navigate this abundance. Enter Jessica Kogan, one of the most acclaimed brand builders globally, known for her extraordinary ability to connect consumers with products.

Jessica Kogan has been a formidable presence for decades, shaping major brands like Donna Karan, Hill+Knowlton, Razorfish, Elizabeth Arden, Urban Decay, and Giorgio Armani. In 2004, she co-founded Cameron Hughes Wine, which quickly gained critical acclaim. Following the acquisition of Cameron Hughes by Vintage Wine Estates in 2017, Cogan joined as Chief Digital Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, where she tripled direct-to-consumer sales from $30 million to over $90 million. Her innovative strategies have expanded the Vintage brand beyond traditional retail, embracing direct-to-consumer and e-grocery platforms, alongside initiating digital programs like refer-a-friend, shareholder passports, virtual wine tastings, and digitally enhanced estate tasting rooms.

Not only a master of digital transformation, Jessica Kogan also leads the way for women in the traditionally male-dominated wine industry, earning nominations and accolades such as Innovator of the Year by Wine Enthusiast and a place on the prestigious 2021 Wine Business Industry Leaders list.

Recently, the wine industry buzzed with the news that Kogan, alongside former Vintage Wine Estates President Terry Wheatley and VP of Marketing Jenna Duran, launched Connect the Dots Collective. This new venture aims to revolutionize branding in the beverage industry by offering innovative services to alcohol and non-alcohol brands. Connect the Dots Collective is a full-service female-led branding agency that takes brands quickly from concept to shelf. The agency also provides consultancy services to emerging and existing brands seeking to revitalize, create awareness, and add value in a competitive and evolving marketplace. “I am thrilled to bring together some of the most talented players in the beverage industry,” explains Wheatley. Jessica will lead digital initiatives including ecommerce strategy, execution, and web and social media development.

This announcement underscores the immense talent now united under one business entity. So, let’s begin our exploration by spending quality time with one of the most accomplished e-commerce and brand-building giants on the planet. You’re going to love Jessica Kogan!

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