September 21, 2023

Thanks to Some Recently Discovered Superstars

I’m going to spend the long weekend in the Santa Ynez Valley where I hope to get a very special group of perfect strangers together to talk about possibilities.  And yes, these strangers are perfect.  Frankly, I am awed by the incredible people that have wandered into my life recently… Shelly, Brian, John, Wes, Keith, Mary Ann, Jennifer, Amanda and so many more.  I am inspired by so many of you and I think incredible things are on the horizon.  I’m anxious to make some important introductions.  Can’t wait.

As for all you other awesome people.  Jump in if you feel like it.  There is strength in numbers and we have a great big wonderful world hungry for fresh ideas and a feel-good attitude.

Who’s got the corkscrew?

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