April 13, 2024

Corn has ears. So do grapes!

The Grapes are Listening!

Playing Bach to your Bordeaux or Mozart to Merlot, may not be as crazy as it sounds.

There have been many stories told of winemakers playing classical music in the winery tank and barrel rooms. Many contend that certain music can effect the molecular structure of the wine in good ways. And so when you hear a little Bach in the background, it may not be all about ambiance.

But there’s more. A study by researchers in Tuscany has taken this practice outside and to a far earlier stage in a wine’s life. Sure, you talk and sing to your houseplants and swear it makes a difference. You’re probably right. And what’s good for the grape leaf ivy may be good for the good old grape.

The Italian researchers found that, depending on the frequency, intensity and exposure time, Sangiovese grapes, a principal ingredient in Chianti, were happy little campers that grew plump and juicy… and, of course, made yummy wine. Besides, we’ve always know that corn has ears, so why not grapes, too!

Now, while Classical is king, some believe that other genres of music also do the trick. So if you find a winemaker out in his vineyard singing the blues, maybe you won’t do the same when you open one of his bottles!

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