June 16, 2024

Brian Talley Vineyards

Episode #398 – Pinot Point-and-Counterpoint With Special Guest Brian Talley of Talley Vineyards

Plus, Farm Labor Fears on the New Political Landscape

Brian Talley of Talley Vineyards and Talley Farms in the Arroyo Grande Valley on the Central Coast of California welcomes David to his breathtaking tasting room to talk about two very unrelated wine topics; one on the light side, the other a bit heavy.

Brian Talley with his new book, Our California Table
Brian Talley with his new book, Our California Table

First, the light side: it’s been a running joke on Grape Encounters since day one. Despite its popularity, David has never had much love for one of the world’s most popular grape varietals; Pinot Noir. Now admittedly, much of David’s behind-the-microphone aversion is purely playful and more a counterpoint to what he would describe as a national obsession with a varietal popularized by a fictitious character. But when David and Brian get together (Brian specializes in Pinot Noir) you just never quite know where the playful point-and-counterpoint will take listeners.

talley-vineyards-logoNext, the heavy topic: With a brand new administration in the White House, there is a lot of uncertainty and downright fear about impact pending legislation may have on the farming industry. With so many farmers, including grape growers, seemingly reliant on workers from other countries, do farmers and workers have something to worry about and, if so, what solutions are there? Brian and his family have operated a major farming enterprise for many years and we think you’ll appreciate his very keen understanding of the issues and where we go from here.

Plus, Brian has just released a gorgeous cookbook, Our California Table, Celebrating the Seasons with the Talley Family, a farm to table book with recipes featuring produce from their farm and wines from their vineyards. Profits from the sale of the book benefit the Fund for Vineyard and Farm Workers, the charitable endowment that supports the farm worker community in San Luis Obispo County, CA.

So fill up your glass for a delightful afternoon with Winemaker & Farmer Extraordinaire Brian Talley and Grape Encounters Host David Wilson!

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