April 13, 2024

Sacramento Food and WIne

Episode #509 – The Sacramento Wine & Food Scene

Taking in the Sacramento Food and Wine Scene at Mulvaney’s and Heringer Estates…

Today’s episode of Grape Encounters comes to you from California’s State Capitol, Sacramento. Best known as the Golden State’s government seat, this northern California city is becoming equally well known as a food and wine lover’s paradise, and there’s probably no better example of delectable dining than Mulvaney’s B and L, owned and operated by its namesake, Patrick Mulvaney.

Patrick Mulvaney, Proprietor and Chef at Mulvaney's B and L in Sacramento
Patrick Mulvaney, Proprietor and Chef at Mulvaney’s B and L in Sacramento

10 years ago Mayor Kevin Johnson suggested to Patrick that Sacramento should call itself “The Farm-to-Fork Capitol.” Initially, Patrick wasn’t in love with the suggestion. Today, however, he’s not only embraced the title but is widely considered to be the leader of a movement that has put Mulvaney’s and Sacramento in the culinary limelight. The show begins with a delightful one-on-one in Mulvaney’s wine cellar.

Mike Heringer, Winemaker at Heringer Estates in Clarksburg, CA
Mike Heringer, Winemaker at Heringer Estates in Clarksburg, CA

In the second half of the show, David heads out to the Sacramento River Delta, a massive network of rivers and slews. It’s water-based recreation on steroids here. But what a lot of people don’t know is that when you dock your boat and climb up the embankment, you’re likely to discover some really terrific wineries that have been fairly low-profile for a very long time. These days, however, wineries in this region are really making a name for themselves. One such place is Heringer Estate, a family farm that has been operating for several generations. Joining David is the winemaker and co-owner Mike Heringer. This is one very beautiful place, rich with history and turning out a very broad selection of wines!

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