April 12, 2024

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Episode #519 – A Landmark Wine Decision in the Supreme Court

A Landmark Wine Decision in the Supreme Court; Tennessee Wine vs Thomas

Our guest today is Tom Wark, President of Wark Communications and author of the Fermentations Blog. The Supreme Court just handed down a landmark decision when it comes to changes in wine retail laws and wine shipping. It’s all great news for wine consumers, but it’s also very complicated and Tom does a great job of making the information more understandable to the general public.

The conversation moves on to what wine consumers really want. Tom has got some incredible insights into this particular topic and you won’t want to miss what he has to say.

The conversation ends with a very important discussion on millennials.  For a long time now, the wine industry has seen this demographic group as the most important area of focus when it comes to marketing, but is that really true?  In reality, we’re beginning to learn that other demographic groups are being neglected at the expense of millennials who are not quite convinced as of yet that wine is their thing.  Hear Tom’s insights into this subject and more on this week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio.

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