April 13, 2024

Episode #527 – Why do Wines Cost What they Cost?

With America’s First Master of Wine, Tim Hanni.

It’s something that baffles a great number of wine lovers. Why is one bottle of wine $10 while another is $100?  Can there really be that much difference in quality to justify the price?  Well, the truth is, wine prices make a lot more sense when you consider all the details.  During this show, we’ll look at what it takes to make a pricey wine versus an inexpensive one. What really matters the most is whether or not you get the amount of enjoyment out of a wine at any price to justify what you spend.

Joining David on today’s show is one of America’s first two Masters of Wine, Tim Hanni.  Tim doesn’t pull any punches and gives the straight skinny to the Grape Encounters audience.  David and Tim arrive at a surprising conclusion during the show and you’re likely to feel pretty good about it.  Isn’t it time that you get the unfiltered answer to one of the most frequently asked wine questions?  Give a listen!

This week’s episode of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine & More!  For years, David has been raving about Total Wine, now they’re helping us spread our unpretentious messaging further than ever before.  That’s a really good thing!

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