April 13, 2024

Episode #548 – Is Social Media Causing Pretentiousness to Skyrocket?

Plus, some “just for fun” wine wisdom that isn’t snobbery!

Show Announcer, wine enthusiast and award-winning winemaker, Brent Keast joins David in a discussion of social media as it relates to wine. David says that over the holidays, he had some spare time to spend on Facebook, Instagram and other places where wine fans tend to congregate in the digital world. Unfortunately, David also says that after hours and hours of taking a look at what everybody’s been doing, he was left with kind of a sick feeling in his stomach because of how serious so many wine enthusiasts often get about their favorite adult beverage.

David explains, “Okay. I don’t know how many friends I have in total that are in the wine business, but oftentimes when somebody friends me on Facebook or LinkedIn, we may have three, four and even 500 friends in common because wine is a small world, but the one thing that I just get more and more annoyed about as time goes on is the kinds of pictures we post on social media. If you’re a wine enthusiast, it seems like it’s mandatory that you post a picture of yourself sniffing a glass of wine, looking at the color of the wine or just looking so intense about that glass. I don’t know what they’re doing, but it’s like if you’re into wine, there seems to be some unwritten rule that you’re required to post a picture of yourself with a glass looking wildly pretentious!”

That’s just the beginning of David’s rant. He also takes on the often silly ways we try to describe wine and encourages listeners to take a step back and make the conversation about something other than the wine. David argues that “wine should be a catalyst to stimulate conversations about everything except the wine.” David admits after producing the show that he really doesn’t want to offend anyone. Rather, he’d just like to see us all be more lighthearted in the way we enjoy our vino!

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