Episode #552 – Wine and Food Pairing is for Real People, Not Just an Elite Class!

All over the world, there are literally countless wine and food pairing events going on every single day. More often than not, it’s the best of the best wines paired with culinary creations that few of us will actually get to enjoy more than perhaps once or twice a year, if that.

It’s been a long-standing belief of host David Wilson that pairing food and wine can be a beautiful thing, but it need not be reserved for fancy occasions and people with fat wallets. Pairing a delicious (and affordable) wine with a great slice of pizza or messy burger can be just as big a thrill as a carefully choreographed 5-course meal that can burn through a week’s wages of average Americans.

This week, long time Grape Encounter regular, Wes Hagen weighs in with David on how to get perhaps just as much pleasure from a yummy yet inexpensive wine and your favorite Italian-inspired pie… pizza pie that is.

One thing is for certain, when Wes Hagen, Ambassador of Miller Family Wines and Winemaker of their J. Wilkes brand is in the house, you can count on one or two very odd and wonderful treats. This week, Wes explains the connection between wine and the great scientific achievements of modern man. Are we kidding? Nope. Wes is dead serious and in just about 5 minutes flat he can lay out his case with plenty of names, fact and figures to make you a believer!

This week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio is brought to you buy your ultimate wine retail resource; Total Wine & More. Total Wine has been David’s hands-down favorite brick and mortar wine shopping experience for more than a dozen years, but they also have plenty for those of you who love to shop, learn and explore from your computer or personal device. See what is so very special at TotalWine.com!

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