June 16, 2024

Episode #558 – Creative Wine Enjoyment While Sheltering in Place

This is a very unusual episode of Grape Encounters Radio. There are no guests on today’s show. There’s not much fancy production work that normally enhances the program. It’s just your host, David Wilson, broadcasting from the Grape Encounters studio, 100% alone.

Nonetheless, David covers a lot of ground as he talks about how to creatively enjoy wine while you’re sheltering at home. What does that really mean? Well, the order to shelter at home took a lot of people by surprise, which means their supply of wine may be limited to bottles that have been kicking around the house for a very long time and probably haven’t seemed very appetizing. Not to worry! David will explain how you can take a less than satisfactory bottle of wine and make it a whole lot more enjoyable. That includes adding some simple ingredients that you have around the house to that yucky bottle, or perhaps turning it into a delicious sangria.

But there’s more! David makes a big announcement about what will be going on next week and you certainly want to be a part of it. Imagine this, thousands of people are making wine at home. And it won’t be made from grapes either. It’s a honey of an announcement in a good way to make the most of this terrible situation that we all find ourselves in.

Today’s edition of Grape Encounters is brought to you by Total Wine & More, where you’ll find thousands of wines produced by folks who started with a dream and never looked back. Be sure to spend a little time online at TotalWine.com. You’ll be very glad you did!

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