June 16, 2024

Episode #589 – Wine Genealogy: The Family Trees of Our Favorite Vines!

Talking wine genealogy… Boy, do we ever take grapes for granted. We know that there are a zillion different varietals out there and no limit to the choices of wine that they produce. It wasn’t always that way however. As a matter of fact, we know that 700 years ago, early botanists (they probably weren’t called that) were creating hybrids that would produce some of our favorite wines today.

Wes Hagen
Wes Hagen, Winemaker, Historian and Philosopher

When it comes to making the technical stuff easy to understand, David frequently calls upon the very studious Wes Hagen. After all, Wes has an unimaginably deep knowledge of wine history, and he’s also been a highly respected educator and author for his entire adult life. Oh, and he makes even the most difficult topics easy to understand.

Join us as we look at where some of our very favorite wines came from; genetically-speaking that is. You might be surprised at how intertwined popular varietals really are.

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