June 16, 2024

Paul Kalemkairiam, Jr. operates the oldest and most recognized wine club in America.

Episode #603 – Paul Kalemkairiam is the King of Clubs!

David has not had this guest on for a really long time.  In fact, we dug into the archives and figured out how long ago it was.  We were shocked to find out that it was exactly 10 years ago to the day that we had him on.   Totally an accident or perhaps serendipity. Regardless, he is one of the most interesting people in the wine business and a wealth of information because he also has his own very successful podcast. He and his father founded a truly iconic organization and the name will be familiar because it spawned every other wine club in the country.  It’s Paul Kalemkairiam, Jr. of “Wine of the Month Club” fame. Paul’s dad started the club in 1972 and Paul Junior purchased it in 1988 and has run it ever since.

Just like we use the term “Kleenex” to generically (but incorrectly) describe tissues to blow our noses, “Wine of the Month Club” has risen to a similar level of prominence.  But there is really only one official Wine of The Month Club and we’ve got its owner on this week’s show to share a ton of information about the birth and rise of the most recognized wine club in the world.  And even though the name is trademarked, Paul explains why it’s sometimes wiser to look the other way than to engage in costly litigation.

On today’s show, you’re going to learn a lot about wine clubs, including how they became a $3 billion industry and how you can get the most out of them.  The fact is, nearly every winery has a wine club and if they didn’t have one, they probably couldn’t survive in this market.  At least not the small guys. That means an awful lot of wineries owe their success to Paul and his father.  No pressure there.

There are few people as plugged into the wine industry as Paul Kalemkairiam.  With those broad connections comes a lot of insight.  Paul is a wealth of information about product trends, consumer behavior and how to find great wines for a truly great price.  The best part is, Paul isn’t evasive when it comes to sharing what he knows, so give a listen.  You’ll gain a lot of new insight into wine enjoyment and acquisition in less than an hour.  That means you’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of your wines than ever before.  At a minimum, you’ll learn how to stretch your wine-buying dollar quite a bit further!

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