May 19, 2024

Episode #641 – Radio Icon Explains How a Bomb Cyclone Abruptly Liquidated Wine Country Fire Season!

This year, the warnings in drought-stricken California wine country were harsher than ever. Don’t use your shower. Don’t water your lawns. Shell out triple the normal cost of water because of 6 months of extreme scarcity. Then, quite suddenly, prayers were were answered to a power of ten when the Gulf of Alaska presented Northern California’s grape growing regions (as well as most of the Pacific Northwest) with something called a Bomb Cyclone; a weather event meteorologists describe as a “reverse hurricane.”

The result was an incomparably weird week of raging wind and rain in a region that has been plagued by droughts and fires at this time of year for several consecutive years now. It was a mind boggling rainstorm that took many reservoirs from nearly bone-dry to half-full or more in just a few days. That just doesn’t happen, does it? Well it did… and Grape Encounters had a very special reporter (who is also a weather reporting hobbyist) stationed at ground zero in Sonoma wine country to report the very sloshy details back to us.

Besides being an amateur meteorologist, he’s a pilot, astronomer, co-producer of an epic documentary on historic wine country infernos and also co-owner of Grape Encounters affiliate KSRO in Santa Rosa, CA. He’s also a mentor and close personal friend of David’s… and when these two fellas get to gabbing, well, you’ll hear for yourself! Lord, he’s seen fire and he’s seen rain! Meet radio icon, Michael O’Shea on today’s installment of Grape Encounters!

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