June 16, 2024

Episode #642 – A Big Pain in the Glass and Other Surprising Wine News Featuring Wes Hagen!

We can certainly understand a wine shortage. After all, droughts have challenged production and the last year has seen a major uptick in consumption. However, if you have a tough time finding your favorite wine, the blame may be the glass and NOT the grape! It’s true, wine bottles are in desperately short supply and you can blame it on that dastardly supply chain debacle. So what’s the story Morning Glory?

For wine wisdom on tap, there’s no one better to turn to than the amazing Wes Hagen; winemaker, scholar, writer, wine ambassador, AVA author and much more. On today’s show, David and Wes, share a wide range of stories, including the answer to the question on everyone’s mind these days, “Who’s drinking all that French wine?” The answer might surprise you. You might also be surprised to hear the lengths wineries are going to to get you back into their tasting rooms in the almost post Covid world.

Sit back and drink in this week’s surprising wine stories. It might just make you the most interesting person at your next get-together!

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