June 15, 2024

Episode #648 – San Lorenzo and Ausonia: The Broad Range of Fine Italian Wine

Today, you’ll meet the owners of two wineries in the Abruzzo region of Italy. They have everything in common in terms of quality, but are as different as night and day when it comes to size.

Cantina San Lorenzo is a formidable force in Italian winemaking. At the helm is Gianluca Galasso; Owner and CEO. The history of San Lorenzo Vini begins in 1890 when Gianluca’s ancestors chose to plant the first cuttings on the hills of Teramo. The choice was made with foresight and wisdom since the short distance from the Gran Sasso d’Italia (20 km) and the proximity to the sea (20 km from the shores of the Adriatic) guarantee ideal climatic conditions for temperature and ventilation.

Today, San Lorenzo is the largest family owned and operated winery in the Teramo area with its 150 hectares that form a single large plot that extends over three ridges. Despite its size, San Lorenzo is making wines that would lead you to assume that they are crafted in a small boutique facility. It’s quite a feat to produce such quality on a relatively large scale.

Now, when it comes to smaller, boutique wine producers, it would be hard to find better than Biodynamic Cantina Ausonia, owned and operated by Simone Binelli, who proved himself to be quite a character during this interview. As delightful as his wines, Simone gives us a glimpse into organic and biodynamic wines with an Italian accent! Ausonia is a butterfly indigenous in the Teramo region, a fitting namesake for these very elegant wines. Oh, and wait until you hear about Simone’s retired father, who passes his time chasing butterflies with a net. Its a delightful image like so many others you will see and experience in this magical corner of the world called Abruzzo!

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