June 16, 2024

Episode #671 – Wine Treasures: Behind Vault Doors to the Great Outdoors

From million-dollar wine Cellars to Grape Encounters in California State Parks, today’s show is aptly titled “Behind Vault Doors to the Great Outdoors. Joining us on the show are two very fun-loving fellows. In the first half of the show, David is joined by one of his best friends in the world. His name is John and his last name will have to remain a mystery at his request. That’s because he’ll be talking about the family’s extraordinary wine cellar which is located deep in the bowels of the earth, somewhere in the state of California. John and his family are responsible for taking care of the wine cellar that his late father spent much of his life assimilating. It’s quite a collection but it definitely needs to be maintained very carefully because even the finest wines, stored in perfect conditions, may not remain perfect and pristine forever. Wines eventually do get old and undrinkable. Anyway, the first half of the show is all about what to do when you’ve got a bundle of money tied up in a product that has a finite lifespan. Don’t you wish you had John’s problems?

Next up on the show is our newest friend, Gino DiCaro. Gino is the Communications Manager at the Wine Institute. He recently took the reins and is going like gangbusters to help create all kinds of events that make it extraordinarily easy to enjoy all of the amazing things that the California wine industry has to offer. This week, Gino is unveiling an exciting new concept… Pairing fine California wine with state parks. You heard that right STATE PARKS. Why not do something a little different than the usual week or weekend away in the big-name wine regions we all know and love? Did you know that there are all kinds of state parks that are in close proximity to a host of smaller wine countries and plenty of boutique wineries that are largely off the beaten path, but very close to the best that mother nature has to offer? It’s a totally cool concept and, as you might guess, David wants to experience it firsthand!

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