May 19, 2024

Episode #673 – Torrey Pines & San Diego Wines; Featuring Pali and San Pasquale!

When the California Wine Institute asked us if we’d like to have a first-hand experience of the relationship between wine tasting and state and national parks, we said, “Heck yeah!” But then, after giving it some thought, we got to wondering just exactly what that really meant. Well, it turns out that there are a lot more wineries and wine regions adjacent to state and national parks than we ever realized. After scoping out several possibilities, we found a great opportunity in San Diego County, where the extraordinary Torrey Pines State Park touches the Pacific on the west and reaches out to several terrific wineries in every other direction.

For a little help with this trip, we received extraordinary assistance from the San Diego Tourism Authority who also pointed us to some very wonderful and wine-centric hotels, wine bars and more. And if that wasn’t enough, we got to sit down with Mike and Linda McWilliams who operate multiple tasting rooms along with their urban winery San Pasquale. We go to sit down with them as we looked out over the harbor. Then, we got to enjoy great wine and small plate delicacies with Warren Phelps, the General Manager of Pali Wine Company, which operates a phenomenal 2-story wine bar and restaurant near incredible Little Italy. Believe us when we tell you that San Diego is a FANTASTIC wine destination. You just need to know who to ask….US!

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