May 19, 2024

Episode #675 – This Rockstar Sommelier gives his 411 on the San Diego County Wine Scene!

Christopher Sawyer is one of a kind. In wine circles, he’s known as the “Sommelier to the Stars” because he spends much of his time helping A-List celebrities and captains of industry stock their wine cellars and plan their elite soirées. We recently caught up with Christopher on his native soil at the Sonoma, California Food and Wine Festival. Well, actually, we only caught up with him for a short while because trying to get him to sit still for even a few minutes at a major wine event on his home turf is like trying to catch a greased pig! If there are 1000 wine industry professionals in attendance, you can count on Christopher striking up a conversation with at least 995 of then m! Nonetheless, we put on our track shoes and did our best to stay with him. There’s no doubt that Christopher is one of the most beloved fellows on the Napa/Sonoma wine circuit.

Thankfully, Lady Luck was smiling down on us and we not only got the opportunity to see Sonoma County through Christopher’s eyes, but we also got him to sit down and give us his take on the San Diego County wine scene which we recently immersed ourselves in. While San Diego is a long way from Sonoma, Christopher has a whole lot of connections down there. That’s because, when it comes to wine, San Diego is on fire! We recently had the privilege of seeing just how wine-centric San Diego has become and David couldn’t wait to hear what Mr. Sawyer had to say about the booming business of wine in the Golden State’s deep south!

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