September 21, 2023

Episode #700 – Why Olive Oil and Wine are More Alike Than You Thought!

When we talk about things that are part of our wine life, there’s one thing that we probably don’t talk about enough. And if you are a wine enthusiast or if you are a foodie, then this is probably a big part of your life and it likely isn’t really get talked about in the context of wine as much as it should for one very important reason.

It’s really like a very close cousin, if not a brother or sister to wine; everything about how it’s created, how it’s enjoyed. It’s actually an exact parallel to wine, but it’s kind of been pushed to the background for most people. That’s why, when David had an experience last weekend, it was really eye-opening, even though he thought that he knew a lot about this thing… until he realized that maybe he didn’t know squat.

Hence, our team was very excited to come into contact with a man who is really, along with his father, a true expert in the area of olive oil. They grow olive trees. They produce what is arguably the most delicious olive oil you’ll ever have… ever put in my mouth… and we’re not making that up. It was an experience, not to be believed, plus, we got an education from our guest about why it was that olive oils can be so different and why it’s so important.

Anyway, that being said, Our guest this week is Frederico DeCarlo. In this region of Italy, he and his father produce some of the finest olive oil, period. And if you really wanna understand olive oil, forget the wine trip. Just come here and take an olive oil trip. It’ll rock your world!

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