June 16, 2024


What a day and what a time we had with Lamberto Vannucci. Even though there were significant communication challenges, we understood each other perfectly! Rarely do you ever sample a line-up of wine as consistently excellent as Lamberto’s! This was a huge “wow,” and we haven’t even mentioned Lamberto’s home-crafted Parmesan Cheese which was literally to die for.

Lamberto loaded us into his 4×4 and took us on a whirlwind tour of both his stunning vineyards and the historical and adorable adjacent town. What a treat for us AND what a treat for you!

Also on this show, we take you back to an interview that David did at the beginning of the pandemic with Piero Pavone, the founder of Vinum Hadrianum. David wanted to share this interview because it is what got him thinking about the off-the-wall idea of taking Grape Encounters to eastern Italy in hopes of opening your eyes to a totally wonderful aspect of the wine world that probably isn’t on your radar. Give a listen and ENJOY!
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